Algae - Spanish

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Algae - Spanish

30 Microscope Slides:
Cyanophyceae 1(c). Chroococcus, a single-cell alga, w.m. 2(c). Anabaena, w.m. of filaments with heterocysts 3(d). Nostoc sp., t.s. of colony with hormogonia 4(d). Aphanizomenon, w.m. showing heterocysts 5(c). Scytonema, unbranched filaments with false branching, w.m. 6(d). Stigonema, branching filaments, w.m. Chromophyta 7(c). Diatoms, fresh water, recent, mixed 8(d). Diatoms, showing protoplasmic structure Conjugatae 9(c). Spirogyra, vegetative filaments w.m. 10(e). Spirogyra, scalariform conjugation and zygotes following conjugation, w.m. 11(c). Zygnema, w.m. of vegetative filaments 12(e). Desmids, strewn slide showing several forms Chlorophyceae 13(c). Chlamydomonas, biflagellate cells, w.m. 14(d). Pandorina morum, biflagellate cells in a spherical colony, w.m. 15(e). Volvox, spherical colonies with daughter cells, w.m. 16(d). Pediastrum, stellate colonies, w.m. 17(d). Oedogonium, w.m. of filaments with sex organs, macrandrous 18(c). Cladophora, with multinucleate cells 19(c). Draparnaldia glomerata, filaments with clusters of branches 20(d). Ulva lactuca, green alga showing thallus of one celled layer 21(d). Vaucheria., w.m. of oogonia and antheridia Charophyceae 22(d). Chara vulgaris, thallus with sex organs Phaeophyceae 23(e). Fucus serratus, antheridia and oogonia t.s. on one slide 24(d). Fucus spiralis, monecious, t.s. of conceptacle with oogonia and antheridia 25(d). Ectocarpus, plurilocular, w.m. 26(c). Laminaria saccharina, thallus with sporangia t.s. Rhodophyceae 27(d). Polysiphonia, thallus with antheridia 28(d). Polysiphonia, thallus with cystocarps 29(d). Polysiphonia, thallus with tetraspores 30(d). Batrachospermum.

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