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Binderless Glass Microfiber Filter Media, Grade D, Pack/100

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Binderless Glass Microfiber Filter Media, Grade D, pack/100

Glass microfiber filters offered in this product range are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber without the use of binders or strengthening agents. These filters offer many advantages in a wide range of analytical applications and are sold in packs of 100.

The fibers used to manufacture these depth filters are smooth and uniform. This permits their characteristically high flow rates while allowing retention of exceptionally small particles and high load capacity. These characteristics are particularly important in applications involving high concentrations of particulate or gelatinous substances. In choosing the appropriate filter for a specific application, careful consideration should be given to the physical form and concentration of the material to be captured by the filter.

Depth filtration categorizes filter media that traps particulate within the random matrix of fibers found within the thickness of the media. The efficiency rating of the filter is characteristic of the complex void space structure that develops as the fibers overlap. The fibrous material within the filter is commonly glass microfiber, cellulose or polypropylene. In depth filters using glass microfiber, the purity of the filter is dictated by the presence of, if any, binder material that acts as a strengthening agent and aids in holding the fibers together. All of the media described on this page are 100% borosilicate glass and free of binders.

Because of the characteristically high flow rates of depth filters, they are generally used in applications such as single and multi process removal of sediment and coarse particulate. Glass microfiber filters without binders are an ideal medium to entrap sediment for further analysis and counting due to the inert matrix. Also, depth filtration media are commonly used for pre-filtration prior to surface filtration with substrates such as membranes.

Glass Microfiber Characteristics at a Glance

Grade D Features

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Part #SizeGE/Whatman EquivalentPall EquivalentMillipore EquivalentAhlstrom EquivalentMFS/Advantec EquivalentIWT-D21002.1cm diameter1823-021n/aAPFD 021 001410-0210n/aIWT-D24002.4cm diameter1823-024n/aAPFD 024 001410-0240GD12024MMIWT-D25002.5cm diameter1823-02566220APFD 024 001410-0250n/aIWT-D35003.5cm diametern/an/an/an/an/aIWT-D37003.7cm diameter1823-03766222APFD 037 00n/an/aIWT-D42504.25cm diameter1823-042n/aAPFD 042 001410-0425n/aIWT-D47004.7cm diameter1823-04766224APFD 047 001410-0470n/aIWT-D55005.5cm diameter1823-055n/aAPFD 055 001410-0550n/aIWT-D70007.0cm diameter1823-070n/aAPFD 070 001410-0700n/aIWT-D90009.0cm diametern/an/an/a1410-0900n/aIWT-D110011.0cm diametern/an/an/a1410-1100n/aIWT-D125012.5cm diametern/an/an/a1410-1250n/aIWT-D150015.0cm diametern/an/an/a1410-1500n/a

Glass Microfiber Grades and Descriptions

Grade NomenclatureParticle Retention mMaterial TypeThickness mmFiltration Speed sec.Basis Weight g/m2A1.60

Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


High Heat Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


High Heat Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Ultra High Heat Binderless Quartz Glass Microfiber


Acid Treated and Washed Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber


Pack Size: 100"

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