Manual Control Pumps

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Manual Control Pumps

VACUUBRAND Oil-free Chemistry-design Vacuum Pumps are available with manual flow control to provide the most basic management of vacuum where electronic control is unnecessary to achieve good results. Centrifugal concentration, gel drying, and even simple rotary evaporation applications can often be effectively managed with manual control systems. Excellent corrosion resistance with manual control in a single system!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which of your gauges should I choose for my vacuum pump?
In general, our DVR2 gauge works well with nearly all of our diaphragm pumps. However, for four stage pumps (MV series), like the MV2 NT, or MV10C, the DCP3000 + VSK3000 will be able to register the deeper vacuum provided by these pumps. The DCP3000 + VSP3000 can also be chosen for the ability to mount the gauge head separately from the display or because it uses line current rather than battery power. The DCP3000 + VSP3000 or VACUU-VIEW extended are excellent choices for rotary vane pumps and roots pumps.

2. Can I retrofit a stand/catchpots/condensers/controllers to my pump?
Unfortunately it is not possible to retrofit solvent recovery glassware to our pumps. However we do offer controllers that will work with your diaphragm or rotary vane vacuum pump, regardless of manufacturer.

3. Why do I need a separate solenoid valve and vacuum fitting for my CVC3000 controller?
Because the CVC3000 is designed to be operated with a huge span of vacuum pumps, we offer several different valves to go with it. Having a separate valve and vacuum fitting also allows the controller and valve to be located at their optimal positions for best vacuum control, and not just what is convenient for the controller. Additionally, while controllers that shut the pump off to control vacuum are less expensive, they can allow condensation inside the pump and produce additional strain on the pump upon restart. If you would like to purchase a controller with the solenoid valve attached as a single unit, consider the CVC3000 detect.

4. My application requires 27 inches of mercury. All your measurements are in millibar. What pump do I need?
Relative inches of mercury is a unit that references atmospheric pressure, which literally is as variable as the weather. While accurate enough for fluid movement applications, it's a poor unit to use for most lab applications. Our Vacuum Pump Selection Guide contains a vacuum unit calculator that will convert these units, assuming standard atmospheric pressure of 760 torr. 27 inches of mercury translates to approximately 100 mbar. Our ME series single stage diaphragm pumps would be able to achieve that vacuum level.

5. Can you cross Pump X from Supplier Y to one of your diaphragm pumps?
It depends. For certain applications, like freeze drying, diaphragm pumps can not achieve the ultimate vacuum required to perform the task. In these cases, we can suggest our low-maintenance RC6 chemistry-Hybrid pump as an alternative. However, for most laboratory applications, selecting the best pump for an application requires a bit more information that just telling which rotary vane pump you used to use, so that you don t pay more than you need to, but get the correct accessories as well. Try our Vacuum Pump Selection Guide, or call our Customer Service department to get a customized recommendation for your application.

6. How do I select a cold trap coolant?
To select the proper coolant for your cold trap, you need to consider several things:7. What service kit do I need for my VACUUBRAND -manufactured pump?
For example, dry ice has a temperature of -78.5 C. Acetone has a vapor pressure at that temperature of approximately 0.5mbar. So, when operated with a two-stage rotary vane pump, with an ultimate vacuum of approximately 0.001mbar, a dry ice trap would not be effective. A better choice would be liquid nitrogen, with a temperature of -196 C.Of course, a dual-stage rotary vane pump would be overkill to evaporate acetone. If a single-stage diaphragm pump, with an ultimate vacuum of 70mbar was used to evaporate acetone, a dry ice trap would be considerably more effective.To know whether your cold trap is being effective or not, the efficiency can be calculated by weighing your sample before and after drying to determine the mass of the evaporated solvent. This can be compared to the mass of the liquid collected in the cold trap. All of the solvent that is not collected in the cold trap can be assumed to enter the pump. In the case of a rotary vane pump, it can be assumed to be contaminating the oil.

8. What do I need to order to fit a hose barb on my vacuum pump?
Please refer to the table below: Pump Model Service Kit Catalog # ME1, ME1C (diaphragm key included) 696874 ME2 NT 696877 ME4 NT, MZ2 NT, MZ2 NT VARIO 696860 ME8 NT 696810 MD1 (diaphragm key included) 696824 MD4 NT, MV2 NT, MD4 NT VARIO, MV2 NT VARIO 696861 ME2C NT 696878 ME4C NT 696864 ME8C NT 696867 MZ1C 696876 MZ2C NT, MZ2C NT VARIO, PC101 NT, PC5xx NT, PC3002 VARIO 696869 MD1C, PC3001 VARIO (diaphragm key included) 696828 MD4C NT, MD4C NT VARIO, PC201 NT, PC6xx NT , PC3003, PC3004 VARIO 696870

WARNING These products can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Ultimate Vacuum
Free Air Capacity
at 60Hz
Cat. No.*
PC 101 NT
1 Manual
PC 201 NT
1 Manual
1 Manual

*All pumps 120V, 60Hz unless noted.Vacuum Unit Conversion Calculator
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